You’re allowed to be anything.

You’re not allowed to let it destroy you.

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15 Awesome Secrets and Tips From Straight A Students For Getting Good Grades

Don’t just read, actively study: I screwed up the first half of college. Used the textbook as a script to memorize rather than a reference. Spent HOURS studying each day. Then, halfway through jr. year I was paired up with a really chill dude in O-chem lab. Turns out he was like 3.9 gpa. I had to ask his secret. Came down to this: Go to every lecture and PAY ATTENTION. A lot of profs will give clues as to what they feel is a point of emphasis. Great profs will actually summarize for you the main points of their lecture. Take notes of these important points. When you go over your notes shortly after class, make sure you understand these important concepts. Go to office hours, TA’s, and consult your textbook for clarification. Get copies of old tests made by that prof. Again, this gives you an idea of what they feel is important. KEY TECHNIQUE: ‘Actively study’ by generating your OWN test questions then come up with answers to them. A study group helps with this as they can tell you if you’ve made an error in your question(s). If done correctly, you’ll actually teach yourself the subject as you find out nuances in question generation that you didn’t catch before.

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Tips for studying and memorizing important things for an exam

Hey everyone! Today I have some tips for studying methods and memorizing, and I hope they are helpful for you! Memorize these too:

  • Okaaaay, first thing: if you need to memorize a definition, you should use flashcards! You know, use a little colorful piece of paper and write “What’s the meaning of…?” on one side of the paper and “The meaning of … is…” on the other side. Quiz yourself whenever you have time; carry them everywhere.
  • If you’re studying for an exam, please don’t study only the day before it! Try studying 2/3 hours everyday for a week, because it’s so much better and it’s more efficient. This way you’ll remember things easily because you’re reviewing them everyday!
  • Do summaries! First thing you need to do it’s, for example, read the textbook and understand the subject. Then start the summary with titles, then subtitles, then paragraphs, writing the important things and with your own words. Read it when you finish, then try explaning it to yourself without reading until you’re sure you remember everything!
  • Do exercises! If your textbook has questions in the end of each chapter, do it! Read everything first, answer everything and then check the answers. Most of these questions can be similiar to those on your exam and can be very helpful.
  • Guys, drink plenty of water. This is kinda random, hehe sorry, but it’s so important! If you don’t drink water and dehydrate you won’t be very focused and memorizing things will be so much harder.
  • Hand someone your summary and ask them to ask random questions (if you highlighted things, ask them to ask questions about what’s highlighted). Just to make sure you can answer any question about what you just studied!
  • Make sure you understand. Before starting a summary, or doing flashcards, you need to understand the definition or the subject. Read again, ask the teacher questions, ask for help, but you have to understand so you can memorize!

These are my short tips, but I hope they are helpful! That’s the way I mostly study and usually works very well for me. If you have any questions, my askbox is always open! (◠ω◠✿)

Good luck! xx

great tips!!!:)

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school tips:

  • start your homework friday 
  • get as much done as you can in advance
  • keep working ahead on assignments
  • i promise this feels so good u will be instantly less stressed and sunday nights are not as scary

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Some of the post-its I am currently loving ^^

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Not taking any chances

I scrolled past this and the guilt was too much

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